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1966-1970 — notes will be added later

1971-1975 — notes will be added later

1976-1980 — notes will be added later

1981-1985 — notes will be added later

1986-1990 — notes will be added later

1991-1995 — topics from summer, 1993 on listed; earlier semesters will be added later






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    1. Glad you find this section of interest. Our little group started in September, 1966. We don’t have notes for all meetings but we’re gradually filling in what we have for past years.

    1. Thanks. Our little group has been discussing Tolkien (and related authors and other fantasy) since 1966. Of course, most people graduate and move on, but I happen still to be around since my wife and I were both lucky enough to find good jobs locally. I’ve published several articles on Tolkien, and one book (Tolkien Criticism: An Annotated Bibliography, Kent State University Press, 1970, 2nd edition 1981). It helps that many of Tolkien’s papers are not all that far from where we live in Madison (that is, at Marquette University in Milwaukee). Namarie, Richard West (currently academic staff advisor to the Tolkien and Fantasy Society at the University of Wisconsin-Madison)

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